The Fairest of the Fall

The inheritors of Atlantis say that much of what once was once known was lost in the Fall. They say that the Art has been tainted by the Abyss. They understand the Truth, however: this world is merely the projection of the Supernal.

Animals, objects, monsters, even the mortal form exists as such. Ghosts and demons, vampires and werewolves, the countless horrors of the night are understood, if not fully known. Some are weak, others powerful, but they are products of the Fallen World.

What then of the elusive Fae? For all their Awakened Magics, Mages know next to nothing about the Fair Folk; worse they have no true understanding of them. There are few enough records about faeries through the ages (by Awakened hands, at least) that what they truly are remains a mystery, yet one thing is apparent: they are not wholly of the Fallen World.

The Mages of L.A. find it troubling, then, that the past six months have seen more faerie activity than the entire history of the city. What has caused this increase in faerie tales coming true, and what could it mean?

Mage: The Fairest of the Fall

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