Mortal men and women whose souls have been Awakened to the truth of the world: the Fallen World is a lie wrapped around Supernal Truth. Armed with this Gnosis mages can affect the Supernal truths of the universe causing the Fallen World to follow suit, a phenomena known as Magic.


Mages claim that before the first of mundane civilizations came into being the world was whole and complete. Those of wisdom in this age became drawn to a far away island. As these first mages came together a society formed and so was born the First City.

Atlantis grew in understanding of the Art over the years until a great project was attempted: ascension to the Supernal. This sparked a horrible civil war as Wisdom clashed against Hubris. In the end The Celestial Ladder was shattered, ripping the Fallen World from the Supernal and leaving a great Abyss between them. Since that time mages have scattered to the four corners of the globe in a constant struggle to regain what was lost.


When a mage Awakens his soul touches the Supernal. For reasons not truly known each soul becomes linked to this foundation in one of 5 specific ways. The prevailing theory is that the Supernal is split into 5 distinct realms and it is through these realms that the paths of the soul originate


Ancient Atlantis had a societal structure built of four distinct branches, together called the Atlantian Diamond. After the fall the diamond broke apart, leaving each of the branches seperate orders continuing their respective missions outside of the context of a unified magical nation. While the four orders have remained constant since the founding of the First City other orders have come and gone throughout the ages. Currently the only additional group with enough power and internal structure to be considered a magical order is the Free Council, formed just prior to the industrial revolution out of the revolutionary ideology, who strive to bring Magic to the modern world rather than to hold back the modern world in the name of Magic.

  • Adamantine Arrow: The warrior caste of ancient Atlantis who now serve as the soldiers in a shadow war against what the order perceives to be the enemies of the Awakened.
  • Free Council: Those who seek democracy among mages, innovation in Magic, and market forces in the trade of secrets.
  • Guardians of the Veil: Atlantis’ spies and law enforcement, since the fall they have sought to protect reality from the Abyss by minimizing sleeper contact with Magic.
  • The Mysterium: The keepers of lore from ancient Atlantis whose goals have moved to preserving wisdom from the degredation of the Abyss.
  • Silver Ladder: The judge-priests of Atlantis, they now seek to reunite the mages of the world into a new magical nation that will surpass even the First City.


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