Robert Barbas

Head of Legion Talent Agency


Known Skills

-Grand charisma
-Excellent investigative skills
-Vast political and social knowledge
-Unknown magical capabilities

Known Advantages

-Access to vast wealth and resources
-Various political and underground connections
-Vast espionage and spy ring
-Protection from Atlantean Magic

Known Disadvantages

-Prideful and Arrogant
-Physically unappealing
-Generally mistrusted
-Shows extreme repulsion towards Fate magic

Robert Barbas is the head of Legion Talent Agency, the Agency in which Clay Summers is contractually obligated to work with. Seeing the young rising star in Clay, Barbas elected to handle Clay’s career personally. While initially the working relationship was very stable and even quite friendly, an incident between Clay and Barbas resulted in Clay’s discovery that everyone who once posed a threat to Clay’s career was found murdered, and that Barbas had in some way influenced Clay’s entire life up until that point. Upon confronting Barbas, it was revealed that Barbas’ extreme protection over Clay’s career had extended to Clay’s family. And in a flash of lightning on that fateful stormy night, Clay saw the illuminated figure not as Barbas, but as a horrible, unnatural looking being.

Robert Barbas

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