Clay Summers

A-List Actor by Day, Atlantean Scholar behind the Scenes


Known Skills:

-Master acting skills
-Very powerful Prime-Mage
-Genius Level Intelligence
-Expert Fencer

Known Advantages:

-Fame yields many contacts
-Status within the Mysterium grants access to much information
-Advanced knowledge of Atlantean Lore and Mages
-Extreme financial wealth

Known Flaws

-Cover persona often seen as rude and piggish
-Cares for little else but magical research
-Unable to drive
-Inexperienced due to his youth

Arguably the greatest A-List film actor known to man, the billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Clay Summers is a man of two personas. One, a hedonistic, arrogant, piggish young man who’s been all too spoiled by his wealth. The other, an overly-serious, iron-willed scholar, researcher, and practitioner of the Atlantean Arcana. Clay’s behind the scenes dedication to magical enlightenment has drawn the attention of the order of Mages known as the Mysterium. After being recruited and proving himself within their ranks, Clay was able to reach the rank of Curator, and his research began in full. But a new element of magic has made its way to L.A. One clearly not of this world. It is the magic of the elusive Fae. Enticed by this, Clay must join forces with his Changeling bodyguard, Anton, to discover the secrets of Fae magic. But in a journey in which he will be opposed by the politics of his order, and his demonic agent, Clay’s journey towards ultimate magical enlightenment and understanding will prove to be a perilous one.

Clay Summers

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