Anton Werther

He's an ogre. And the nicest guy you'll ever meet.


Anton’s, 25, legal name is Antony White after having to assume a new identity post-Arcadia. He figures the first name is close enough to his original that “Anton” is a believable nickname and the last name is generic enough nobody would really look twice.

He’s a Gristlegrinder Ogre, but hasn’t eaten anyone since Arcadia and he’d really like to keep it that way. That being said, he still has the bulk and the strength of an ogre.

- Can still use his teeth as a lethal attack in a grapple
- His contract deals with bolstering his strength in various situations
- He’s also 6’7" and around 250lbs of muscle

Unfortunately, he also has the Orge weakness – it’s very easy to influence and manipulate him. (Mechanically this means that he has a penalty on composure rolls not related to perception and takes a penalty to composure as a defence).

As of this moment, Antony White has made a name for himself as the newest heavyweight of the UFC and the bodyguard of Clay Summers. With his changed form, Anton has manage to find a new nitch for his abilities.

- He’s very good at punching things
- He’s very good at tackling things
- He’s also decently good at disarming people and crowd control
- And it takes a whole lot to knock him out


Anton was born a human in Seattle, grew up normally and really very unexceptionally. He was a straight A student in high school, eventually going to a small liberal arts college to major in Victorian Lit. He had aspirations of becoming a writer of some sort, but after college only ended up working 9 – 5 in a mom and pop bookstore. Until he was taken by the Fae. He’d never found out very much about why he was taken, but what he does know is that they didn’t know what exactly to do with him for the longest time and so he sat to rot in a pit.

Eventually, Anton was able to make his escape. Problem was, he spilled out in California having no idea where he was, how he’d gotten there and really the only reason he knew he was Anton Werther through the ogre visage was the fact he had all the same memories of being human. Fortunately, the courts were able to take him in long enough for him to make a few Changeling friends, for him and those friends to get into trouble, and for Anton to be able to skip town with what money he had and make one last ditch effort to reclaim some of his humanity. To do that, he showed up at his old room mate’s doorstep, literally across the country, with no explanation as to why he looked so different or why he’d dropped off the face of the earth for several years.

To Anton’s relief, Simon was as he’d always been and the two hit it off as if they’d never been separated. While in New York living with Simon, the two rekindled their friendship. It eventually turned to romance after Simon came out to Anton and Anton realized he was most definitely a giant gay ogre. Anton took a day-job to cover some of their living expenses, but also managed to talk his way into the underground fighting scene to earn some extra money that inevitably went to rent that was always late. After about a year, Simon was finally accepted into grad school back in California and though Anton was reluctant to move back, he agreed. The two made a road trip out of it and it was great fun.

Since then, Simon has started grad school while Anton supports him with a very lucrative job as Clay’s bodyguard (which he’s still wondering how he managed to get) and fighting the UFC circuit (and which he’s still wondering how he does so wall). He’s mostly fallen out of contact with his old Changeling friends, though he does know generally where they are and how they’re doing. He also returned to find the Courts greatly changed and not really in a good way, so he mostly avoids that conflict, but keeps in touch with the Changeling who originally found him. After winning his first Heavyweight title as the noob and becoming a bodyguard to a famous actor, Anton has experienced a bit of popularity he was never expecting and is constantly struggling to adapt to.

Connections to The Old Courts.

Anton Werther

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